Ben Lerman sings hilarious and catchy songs about love, pirates, Amish fashion, sex, and a violent bus ride in the Bronx. If Bo Burnham and Cam from “Modern Family” had a lovechild, it’d be this guy. He is an award-winning comedy musician and songwriter. Ben plays colleges, clubs and festivals as a solo comedy musician. He’s popular guest on radio and podcast shows like The Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius XM and the Keith & the Girl Podcast, and he has appeared on Logo TV and Here TV. His debut music video was featured on Ben was nominated for an Excellence in Comedy in New York Award for Best Musical Comedy Act in 2011. He won the award for Best Male Comedy Musician at the 2012 New York Funny Songs Festival.

Ben has two music releases, an EP entitled “Size Matters,” and a CD called “Ukelear Winter.” They are available bundled together on iTunes or you can listen for free on Spotify.

In 2012, Ben started Big Band Hot 100, a monthly music party at the Ace Hotel where a 12-piece band plays covers of the current Billboard Charts with guest singers from all over the New York City performance map, including Jackie Hoffman, Julie Klausner, and Xavier.

In 2013, Ben started a comedy podcast called Serving Reelness with fellow gay comedian, David Smithyman. They watch films streaming on Netflix (seperately) and then discuss them (together) with funny and knowledgeable (sometimes both) guests. 

Some of the nice things the press has said about Ben Lerman:
“Brilliant.”—New York Magazine
“Gripping.”—The New York Times Magazine
“So damn funny!” —Time Out Chicago
“Sick and brilliant ukulele comedy.” —The Bastion, Chicago
“Ben Lerman and his ukulele make one funny pair.” —Time Out New York
“Hysterical…” —Next Magazine