Slam Poet

C.C. Carter is a Chicagoan with national prominence on the performance poetry scene. Her first book, Body Language, a collection of poetry, was nominated for a 2003 Lambda Literary Award. She is the winner of a host of poetry slams including winning the Fifth Annual Gwendolyn Brooks Open Mic Competition and the First Annual Behind Our Masks Poetry Slam. She has created  and maintained several traditions in the poetry community, including national and local poetry slams for people of color, and the women of color night at Mountain Moving Coffeehouse.  She has participated in hundreds of women’s music festivals, and has sold out performances on both coasts.  She is a guest performer on Olivia Cruises, and received standing ovations for all three appearances. Her performances  have been earned her opening credits for Nikki Giovanni, Maya Angelou, Cheryl Clarke and Dorothy Allison and headlining credits on bills with Staceyann Chin, Alix Olson, and Andrea Gibson.

On Becoming Woman or Living Large in a Shrinking America
A one-woman show that examines the effects of body profiling in America. Views, stereotypes and discrimination toward full size women. Emotionally moving and hysterically funny.  "C. C. Carter started out the second act with a piece she recently wrote, about women and their body sizes. She shattered stereotypes and we witness her self-esteem grow and her character come to terms with her new body image and what it means to be a woman. She was funny, perfectly timed, and as always, a treat to watch."
     - Tracy Baim, Editor, Windy City Times - Outlines Magazine

"C. C. Carter, a seasoned Chicago Slammer, brought the house down with,The History of My Hips," a diva inspired ode to big-bottomed girls everywhere."
     - Wendy Johnson, The Washington Blade