Gender bending subversive circus

Circus Amok is a one-of-a-kind, gender-bending, free associating, schtick driven, star-studded circus. Directed by the unstoppable "bearded lady" Jennifer Miller, this troupe of jugglers, stilt walkers, divas, and acrobats balances danger with laughter, politics with punchlines. They are fearless, funny, funky and fundamentally subversive. 

The troupe is accompanied by the blasting, percussive sounds of the 6 piece Circus Amok band, under the baton of Jenny Romaine. Playing a variety of international musical styles from klezmer to funk to folk.

The group has been together since 1989 bringing its funny, queer, caustic and sexy, political one-ring spectacles to diverse neighborhoods from East New York to the East Village as well as campus communities. The company is comprised of seven ring-performers, a 7 member live band, 3-roustabouts, and a trucker/technician extraordinaire. The performers in the ring are trained in traditional circus skills - tight rope walking, juggling, acrobatics, stilt walking, clowning - as well as experimental dance, theater, and gender-bending performance art and improvisational techniques. Over the years the traditional circus techniques have been combined with dance, life-size puppetry, music old and new, and dramatic monologues creating new meanings for circus while continuing to entertain the crowds of all ages throughout city streets, gardens, parks, playgrounds, and campus outdoor spring festivals.

Circus Amok performances prove that diverse audiences can join us in envisioning a more empowered life of community interaction while enjoying a queer celebratory spectacle. But most of all, Circus Amok brings a seventeen-act-in-59-minutes joyful extravaganza of acrobatic artistry, satiric skill, and good old-fashioned circus fun to all.

“Unlock your daughters. also your sons. Grab our cats and dogs and families and friends. Run for your lives. It’s Circus Amok!” –The Village Voice

“A double scoop of politics and play” –New York Magazine