Pre-eminent authority on  the arts/lesbian representation in the arts, new media/lesbian media

Grace Moon is the Editor-in-chief of Velvet Park, Dyke culture in Bloom. Velvetpark began in NYC in the winter of 2002 by a handful of intrepid artists, writers, designers, photographers, and pop culture aficionados, and is about the dyke cultural revolution. Grace, born in honolulu, Hawaii and now based in Brooklyn, NY is recognized as a queer artist and reknown portraitist, who captures the everyday transgressions between female masculinities and femininities. She is esteemed as an art professor, blogger, and lecturer. 

Presentation Topics:


The Female Gaze: Disrobing female masculinity and femininity

This talk explores visual images of women by women, with a focus on lesbians, as we have been and are represented in art, entertainment and advertising. The audience will be presented with images and a discussion from Renaissance artists, to pioneering 2nd wave feminists, to a survey of contemporary artists and photographers redefining lesbian and queer identity. This presentation weaves together high-art with DIY creators, grass roots movements with entertainment industry establishment, allowing us understanding of our culture and aesthetics. 

New Media 2.5: Reinventing Queer Media  

Queers have always been early adaptors to technology as a way to find community in inhospitable environments. Having been on the vanguard of lesbian media for 10 years, Grace Moon, has experienced the rise and fall of print media and the transition of LGBT enterprises into web 2.0. From launching a traditional print publication, to running Showtime’s The L Word social network, to re-launching Grace Moon has adapted to technology while fostering the growth of our communities through media. In this presentation Moon explores the evolution of queer media and its impact on activism, journalism, and community building, while looking ahead to the next frontier.

Young, Queer and Fabulous: Making a Career out of Queer 


As young graduates face one of the most daunting job markets in modern history, the question remains “now what?” This presentation and discussion focuses on the possibilities open to young queers entering the job market, whether its in the for-profit non-profit sector. Being “out” in the market place can be an asset, not a liability. This presentation will explore past pioneers and how the contemporary queer can define their future.