Queer Femme Performance

Heels on Wheels is a diverse queer femme group of interdisciplinary performing artists. We create and curate performance-based cultural works and community events that have a feminist and radical agenda, are produced from sites of femme/inine-positive queer embodiment, and reveal the power in under-represented communities. 

Our events use theatre to incite wonder, joy, critique, and dialogue; to bring visibility and complexity to diverse experiences; and to strengthen LGBTQ cultural communities in NYC and across the USA. We've presented in over 35 cities, to many universities, and to over 2000 audience members since we began in 2010.

We are a multiracial & working-class led queer organization committed to anti-oppression and activism as art, as well as in our art. The heels are led by Heather Acs, Damien Luxe, Sabina Ibarrola, Andie Glickman, and Nicole Myles, with support by Lizxnn Disaster and a long list of satellite members and performers. 

“Damien and Heather offer so much joy, inspiration and creative femme magic in this presentation. Queers, femmes, writers, trouble makers, and artists of all sorts will learn from their art, stories, questions, and fun exercises. You will leave wanting to paint, dance, go on tour, write, and share all of our collective brilliance with others.” - Haley Koch, University of North Carolina student

Community & Politics

Confronting Femmephobia and Building Femme Power; Creating a space to  examine, confront, and shift fear of femininity to celebrations of all genders and representation of femmes in your community [entire troupe]

ArtivistsArtist/Activists use various strategies to shift power. Talk about what Heels on Wheels does — and what you can do! [entire troupe]

Self-Confidence & Stage Presence

Femmepowerment! How to stand like you’re six feet tall, from the stage to the street. Our workshop we like to do with young people and folks our own age, that takes the tools of stage performance and applies them to how we see ourselves, our potential, and our important voices in everyday life. [entire troupe]

Storytelling & Writing

Stories on the Fringe: LGBTQ Histories through Performance [Heather]

Media Production

DIY New Media: Creating and Maintaining a Viable Internet Presence [Damien]

Getting Your Voice Out There: No/Low-Cost Audio Recording & Sound Art for CD, Performance and Web [Damien]

Theatre Arts

Creative Strategies for Resistance: Exploring Educational Theatre Techniques
Exploring Gender & Sexuality through Educational Theatre Techniques [Heather]
Performance Composition [Heather]