Featured in HBO's Asian Aloud, Kit Yan is a queer, transgender, and Asian American Brooklyn based slam poet from Hawaii. Kit’s work has been recently featured in Flickr and Sparkle and Troubling the Line two new queer and transgender poetry anthologies and has a forthcoming book with Transgenre Press. 

Kit’s poetry has been reviewed in New York Magazine, Bitch, Curve, and Hyphen. His poetry has been taught all over the world and he has been seen on the SF Pride mainstage, National Equality March stage, and numerous international slam poetry stages. Kit's poetry has been commissioned by the Census Bureau and national queer visibility campaigns such as OUTmedia and Campus Pride's joint "Be Queer Buy Queer" and "Queer It Up" campaigns. 

Kit has toured internationally with Sister Spit, The Tranny Roadshow, and Good Asian Drivers. He is on both the Advocate and Campus Pride’s lists of recognized LGBT speakers. Some fun facts: Kit is the first ever Mr. Transman! And when he isn't performing he is eating ramen, playing ukulele, and talking story.

“Knockout spoken-word!-New York Magazine

“Incredible slam poetry”- Curve Magazine

“The eloquence of Kit’s spoken-word delivery lies in the anti-racist, anti-homophobic, gender-inclusive, language that ties his lyrics together.”- Bitch Magazine

“Fierce Stories!”-Hyphen Magazine

Queer Heartache is Kit Yan’s award-winning one-person slam poetry theater show that explores his identity as transgender, queer, Asian American from Hawaii, while asking what queer hearts and families are made of and interrogating the forces that are constantly working to break them apart. Queer Heartache is a testament to the resilience of queer love in all its forms—between cis and trans siblings, lovers, pride parade attendees, and many more—in the face of heartbreaking barriers everywhere from the dating pool to the medical establishment. If you’ve ever had your heart broken, wondered how your pets self-identify, or wanted to tell someone your gender is none of their business, this show is for you. So wrap yourself in a rainbow and enjoy the ride!

Here’s what a few other campuses are also saying about Queer Heartache:

“Kit has a way of approaching very difficult topics with a perfect balance of humor and candor.”  -Washington University in St. Louis

"Having Kit come to our event was a truly amazing experience. Kit was able to connect with our audience and our students in a very meaningful way. It was so wonderful to watch him engage with students and perform for them."-MBLGTACC 2015

“Personable, engaging, provocative, and powerful!”--True Colors LGBT Youth Conference

“The students from the writing workshop said they had never been challenged to write like that before, and plan on continuing their writing. One of our students even started a blog just for their new found passion for Spoken Word.”-Rutgers University

Some of the questions Kit considers as this piece unfolds are where do his queer and immigration stories connect? What does it mean to be intentionally queer? And what does love look like for him as a Trans Asian American? He speaks about the intersectionalities of these identities in his poetry.