Journalist, Commentator, Sports Writer

"Boxes are for shoes" is the mantra award-winning columnist and TV pundit LZ Granderson lives by. African-American, openly-gay, Christian and a father, the diversity of Granderson's work – from sports, education and race to politics, parenting and dating – made him one of the most popular online columnists for both CNN and ESPN. On June 2, he joined ABC News.  January 28, was his ESPN , Around the Horn debut.

Granderson started off as a poor, skinny kid from Detroit – and at one point was involved in criminal activity – but he always believed where a person started didn't have to dictate where a person finished.

 LZ Granderson wrote a weekly column for A senior writer for ESPN and lecturer at Northwestern University, and now a fellow at the U. of Chicago's Institute of Politics, the former Hechinger Institute fellow has had his commentary recognized by the Online News Association, the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association.  

His columns for were among the most popular on the network’s website, twice finishing on Facebook’s annual most posted list. As a result, CNN had trusted him to be the leading voice on some of the biggest stories of the past three years including the re-election and inauguration of President Obama, the George Zimmerman trial and the Supreme Court hearings on same-sex marriage. 

He is a senior writer and columnist for ESPN The Magazine and  He also contributes to ESPN's Sports CenterOutside the Lines, Sports Reporters, First Take, and the network's Grand Slam tennis coverage. As with ESPN, he is also a frequent guest on television as well including Newsroom with Don Lemon, Outfront with Erin Burnett,  Anderson Cooper 360, State of the Union, HBO Real Sports and Wendy Williams.His TED talk was one of the most viewed.

Got labels? Our society is made up of them. See why journalist, commentator and sports writer LZ Granderson says it's time to stop thinking in stereotypes and see every human being as an individual.