A Virtuoso Actor/Writer! At the tender age of 11, Rob Nash began his performing career Houston’s Theatre Under the Stars, the largest musical production company in the US outside New York and Los Angeles.  While still in college at The University of Texas at Austin, Rob became the first ever out-gay standup comic to tour the club circuit. He was one of the first out standups to perform on television when he was on Rosie O’Donnell’s VH1 Standup Spotlight and on Comedy Central’s Out There in Hollywood.  A veteran of the college circuit, Rob still manages to maintain a cutting-edge perspective on society and culture.  He’s also, “Laugh-out-loud, God-that’s-me funny!”-Austin Chronicle.

Holy Cross…!

(a one-man comedy)


An astoundingly prolific writer, fifteen of Rob’s twenty-two plays are solo comedies. Best known for his excruciatingly funny and poignant one-man comedy, Holy Cross Sucks! (Rebranded Holy Cross Rocks! for Christian schools and universities), Rob received “Top Ten Broadway/off-Broadway Plays” from Time Out New York Magazine and rave reviews from 14 New York area publications.  Directed by Tony Award Nominated director, Jeff Calhoun. Rob was the keynote performer at the historic 1st LGBT conference for Jesuit universities. 

Rob plays 39 multi-aged, multi-ethnic, multi-gendered, and multi-sexual orientation characters in this coming of age story which tackles such topics as: early LGBT rights and AIDS issues, date rape, gay bashing, sexuality and sexual identity. 


HOLY CROSS…! Rob Nash's infectious solo show… mines the 1980's for pop-culture references and for John Hughes-style narrative devices. But the nostalgia goes deeper than Izod and Purple Rain in this unexpectedly rich coming-of-age tale, made all the warmer by Mr. Nash's cool, unflappable demeanor. -New York Times

Rob offers two versions of HCS! One is the scaled down “scenes from” which requires minimal tech, the other is the off-Broadway version complete with 100 sound cues and 100 light cues.

Nash clearly loves his wannabe rebels. As a performer and writer, his virtuosic peaks come when the boys share private moments, and he flickers between them with impeccable precision. Holy Cross…! may be the perfect vehicle for Nash's undeniable acting talent…Nash… up there alone, displaying his prowess to the world. -Variety

12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional Family

(a one-man comedy)

Rob also offers a 20 year retrospective on the Pop Psychology and the Recovery Movement in his 12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional Family described as a 1-man, 6 character play spanning 3 generations of an infinitely loving/loveable and infinitely dysfunctionally functioning American family.

Ashley purges, Matt runs away, Fred contemplates bankruptcy, Margot excels in Divinity School, Windsong gets in touch with her colon…. and somehow Mildred manages to keep the whole family together-- again.

This award winning family tragicomedy hits you in that deep, warm, open/guarded and love/hate-filled family place in your heart.

Witness the unbearable intimacy that is family!

Come laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh again!

A must for anyone who’s been anywhere near a 12 Step program!

Dysfunctional has played The First Annual New York Fringe Festival, The Edinburgh Scotland Festival Fringe, The HBO Workspace in Los Angeles, The Straz Center in Tampa, STAGES Repertory Theatre in Houston, and The Carolina Theatre in Durham.

"Rather a find."                                                -Julia Reid, THE SCOTSMAN

"A genuine artist."                                   -Charles Whaley, DRAMA LOGUE

"Laugh-out-loud, God-that's-me funny"                      -Robert Faires, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

"Nothing short of brilliant as a writer and an actor."          -Glenna Bell, PUBLIC NEWS

"How do you do that?"                                                    -Ann Richards, TEXAS GOVERNOR

Workshop: Flying Solo

(Your Voice, Your Creation)

a workshop scaleable to any organization’s needs

You are enough.

You’re are compelling.  Your own story has depth and meaning.  Spice it up, add and combine characters, up the stakes, (lie a little) and voila you got art!!!

Everyone should feel what it’s like to perform before an audience and receive applause for your work.

Get your WRITING out of your head and onto the page!

Get your MESSAGE out of your heart and on to the stage!

Flying Solo helps writer/actors/lay people no matter what their experience level to develop and refine their comedic and dramatic talents.  If you do it alone, on stage, in front of an audience, this is where you belong! Let's explore and perfect it! Let's surprise ourselves and our audience!

Workshop: Skit 4 Brains

(An Improv and Sketch Comedy Class)

a workshop scaleable to any organization’s needs

“From improv to sketch.”

By using improvisational theatre games and our own imaginations we surprise ourselves with creative insights, original characters and active choices all of which come from somewhere inside us.  This course teaches how to use these exercises to jumpstart storytelling into the short play (a sketch or skit).  Who knows what form it can take after that?  Play, screenplay, short story, monologue.

This course opens your mind to creative interaction and problem solving.  It builds trust among team members. Essential, immediate life, workplace and university skills developed all while the group is having a blast.

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